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Christopher F Baum
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Certainly not true for Mac OS X! The LaTeX distribution install  
associated with TeXShop is a one-click task that works as simply as  
any other installer. And the benefits of being able to use beamer for  
presentations, rather than PowerPoint (which is both expensive and  
clumsy with maths) are overwhelming, particularly with excellent  
integration with popular tools like -estout-, -outreg2-, -tabout- etc.  
(all on SSC). The myth that LaTeX is just too hard for most people to  
deal with is just that. Ask Dr Ben Dwamena of UMich, who presented a  
beautiful beamer-based presentation in San Francisco after asking me  
how beamer worked a year ago after admiring all the beamer  
presentations at NASUG Boston.

I believe the majority of presentations at the San Francisco user  
meetings were beamer-based. A biased sample, perhaps, but it would  
tend to suggest that working with LaTeX is not too hard for people  
from many disciplines (not to mention everyone from StataCorp!)

Kit Baum, Boston College Economics and DIW Berlin
An Introduction to Modern Econometrics Using Stata:

On Dec 4, 2008, at 02:33 , Michael wrote:

>  I would venture to suggest that installing any TeX
> distribution, and using any command line utility, is a significant
> hurdle for a large number of users, regardless of platform.

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Neil Shephard
I second Kit's support for the ease of installation and use of LaTeX
(although I use prosper for presentations rather than beamer).

Installation on any OS is simple as you can grab a live CD from (and MikTeX mentioned in the thread is a bit
dated now anyway).  Installation under *NIX systems will depend on the
type your on, but most GNU/Linux distros have TexLive in their package

Its a shame a significant proportion of the world still focus on style
over content as its far easier when the two are handled separately.

On the original problem one solution could be to generate a series of
.jpg's or .png's and the compile them into an animated GIF for embedding
in whatever presentation software you are using.  How you do this will
depend on your OS, but you can (according to a few Google searches) use
The GIMP ( which is available cross-platforms to
do this, and I've used command-line tools under GNU/Linux to achieve this.


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