simultaneous bivariate probit for panel

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simultaneous bivariate probit for panel

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Dear all,

I plan to estimate the following model for panel data:

y1(it)=1 if y1*(it)=a1y2*(it)+b1'x1(it)+c1(i)+u(it)>0
y2(it)=1 if y2*(it)=a2y1*(it)+b2'x2(it)+c2(i)+v(it)>0

where y1 and y2 are two endogenous variables and y1*, y2* are corresponding latent variables. x1 and x2 are two sets of exogenous variables. (it) implies individual i and period t. c1 and c2 are individual fixed effects.

Any one knows how to do programming for this model? Many thanks!