merge hh and indiv.- different descriptives afterwards

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merge hh and indiv.- different descriptives afterwards

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Hi all,

I am new to Stata and I am struggling with a merge that seemed correct at first, it gave an all matched (3) result. But there seems to be a problem.

So what I did.
I had two sets with individual data, I merged those successfully.
Then I wanted to merge this new dataset with another, third one. That third one had household data, so I did:
merge m:1 hhid using dataset1
as both sets had the hhid variable.

As I said, the result was matched (3).
But then as a check I looked at some descriptives.
In the original data set f.e. I looked at the mean of one of the variables: household size.
I did the same in the new, merged set. But here the mean of the household size turns out to be a very different one, which cannot be, right? It should be the same after the merge? Why is it not?

Has it something to do with the fact that one has hh and the other individual data?

It´s probably my wrong logic but I just don´t see what´s wrong here.

Thanks a lot