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long variable names and the browse/edit window

Kevin Geraghty
Is there any way to dynamically resize column widths in the browse/edit window so that they display long variable names (stata permits variable names up to 32 characters), instead of truncating them with a ~?  The columns appear to size dynamically according to the width of variable data, but not with the width of the variable names.

So in fact if a variable is, say, str50, its name will never be truncated; one can in fact always eliminate variable name truncation for numeric variables by lengthening the display format for the variable in question, to, e.g. %25.0f.

I suppose one could create an .ado file command, e.g "wbrowse" which compared display format lengths with variable name lengths of all variables to be displayed, and lengthened the formats to be as wide as the variable name, before browsing/editing; but that seems a little drastic.

An annoying quirk, I am sure I am not the only person who has been frustrated by it.

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