i can't SET off more.

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i can't SET off more.

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I tried Eventstudy..

but I can't Estimating Normal Performance..

        set more off /*this command just keeps stata from pausing after each screen of output */

         gen predicted_return=.
         egen id=group(CODE)
          /* for multiple event dates, use: egen id = group(group_id) */
        forvalues i=1(1)N { /*note: replace N with the highest value of id */
         1 id CODE if id==`1' & dif==0
         reg ret Market_return if id==`i' & estimation_window==1
          predict p if id==`i'
          replace predicted_return = p if id==`i' & event_window==1
          drop p

this command input but invalid syntax error..r(198);

what's the problem??