how to handle rank ordered responses

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how to handle rank ordered responses

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Hello Statalist,
I am working to analyze how site specific attributes (water quality, closeness, wildlife, and size) affect people’s participation on freshwater recreation activities (boating, swimming, fishing, viewing, etc.). I have survey data and people expressed their views regarding the importance of site specific attributes in a scale from 0 to 3, with 0 - not important at all and 3 -most important. My data structure looks like:
id  boating   fishing   swimming  viewing   water-quality   closeness   wildlife   size   controls(x)
--  -------    -----      ------     -----      -----------    --------       ----     ----   ------
1     yes       no             yes       yes          3                  1               2        0         yes
2     no         yes           no         yes         1                  2               3        0          yes
3     yes        yes          yes        no          1                  2               0         3          yes
 .     ..             ...              ....

I want to estimate which one attribute is most important and important for each of these activities. I am thinking to use logit/probit type model and control for site specific attributes. Do you think it is right way to estimate the model? I am bit confused since the responses on these site specific attributes are not binary, rather they are ordinal. I would great appreciate your response.

Ramesh Ghimire
University of Georgia