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-esttab- problem

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Dear All

I am having a problem with -esttab- installed through -estout-. In the following do file, Table 1 is generated but -esttab- for table 2 gives the following error: too many base levels specified

When I re-write the regression with -xi:qui logit.....-, both tables are generated without any problem but it takes twice much time as compared to the previous.  I'm using Stata/SE 11.2 for Windows (32-bit). Please help.


do file

global xlist pii sex  I.age64 I.edur  I.polr unemp rtd distance2
global clist I.country I.year
global res  se star(* .1 ** .05 *** .01) b(%9.3f) stats( N r2_p ll) replace

*******************Table 1*************************************
qui logit opt $xlist maxinf $clist if fh==1 & year<2005,nolog robust cl(country)
eststo GA04WOI

qui logit opt $xlist I.inc maxinf $clist if fh==1 & year<2005,nolog robust cl(country)
eststo GA04WI

*********************Table 2***********************************
qui logit opt $xlist I.ecoexp I.hyperinf $clist  if fh==0 & year>2003,nolog robust cl(country)
eststo GB09

qui logit opt $xlist I.ecoexp I.hyperinf $clist if year>2003 ,nolog robust cl(country)
eststo GAB09


esttab  GA04WOI GA04WI using Table_1.rtf,$res mti("GA04WOI" "GA04WI" )
esttab  GB09  GAB09 using Table_2.rtf, $res mti("GB09"  "GAB09" )