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It's probably simple but I cant figure it out..
 I have five models that I want to make a table out of it. Because it doesnt fit into the log-file, it abbreviates the modeltitles (mtitles) like: "hh exp.../mo" instead of "hh expenditure (Rs./mo)"

My question: can I add an additional row to fit the titles on two rows, or can I change the font size or make a line break or is there anything else I can make so mtitles do fully appear in the table?

I use esttab, I have already set linesize to 255... maybe it is only possible with estout?

here's the code if it is helpfuel ;)

set linesize 255
esttab, se brackets label                            ///
    title(Table 1: Treatment-Control balance)        ///
    nonumbers mtitles("Population" "Avg hhdebt" "hh with businesses" "hh exp (Rs./mo)" "Literacy")  ///
    addnote("Note: cluster-robust standard errors in brackets. Results are weighted to account for oversampling of Spandana borrowers.")

Thanx in advance.