creating variable for "any sibling"

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creating variable for "any sibling"

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I have a household survey data and would like to construct a variable for "any siblings" and "number of siblings". I have data for each household member. In columns, I have relation to young adult 1 (YA1), relationship to YA2, and relationship to YA3. For example, under relationship to YA1 column, I have "self" and under relationship to YA1 (for the same household) I have "brother/sister". I hope to create a variable that indicates "1" for the young adult individual that reported "self" and "1" for the individual who is the "brother/sister" of that young adult1.

sort hhid
gen w1h_anysib=0
by hhid: replace w1h_anysib=1 if w1h_reltoya1 == 7

I get "1"s for the individuals who are brother or sister of YA1 however, the YA1 him/herself does not have the "1" indicator.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you!