Wealth score using principal component analysis (PCA)

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Wealth score using principal component analysis (PCA)

Priyanka Malla
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I have created a wealth index as recommended by Filmer and Pritchett after using the pca I predicted pc1 and pc2 using the following command:

-predict pc1 pc2,score

My questions are:

1. How do I score the predicted pc1 for each indicator variables?
I used the syntax score data but I get an error score not valid after pca

I also wanted to construct quintiles and used the following command:

 -xtile quintile = pc1 [w=iweallth], nq(3)

-bysort  quintile: summarize EW_cement EW_mud EW_wood EW_bamboo EW_unbakedbrks EW_othmaterial EW_nowall RF_straw RF_mud RF_wood RF_iron RF_cement RF_tile RF_other T_flush T_septic T_noflush T_notoilet L_electricity L_solar L_biogas L_kerosene Lother FS_wood FS_dung FS_leaves FS_cyln_gas FS_kerosene FS_biogas FS_other WS_piped WS_covered_well WS_handpump WS_openwell WS_spring_water

2.  Is this command correct?

Thank You!!