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TIMMS analysis in stata

Lars Dietrich
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I would like to run a multivariate regression model with the TIMMS dataset, with student math achievement as the dependent variable and several student and teacher characteristic variables as independent variables. I found the PV command, but am not sure how it works.

The syntax (help pv) is the following:

pv [indepvars] [if] [in] [weight] , pv(varlist) [options]

My question:
What is [indepvars]? Does it allow me to define independent variables that are controlled for in a multivariate regression model (OLS) with Plausible Values as dependent variable?
Or does it define the variables that are regressed in order to create the plausible value imputations?

Please excuse me if I am not able to make myself clear, I am a learning student.

Best regards