Stock & Yogo Weak ID test

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Stock & Yogo Weak ID test

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Could you please tell me whats the difference between the test based on TSLS bias and TSLS size. Should i consider both of them? I got following results. PLease advise me.

Weak identification test (Cragg-Donald Wald F statistic):               14.021
Stock-Yogo weak ID test critical values:  5% maximal IV relative bias    13.97
                                         10% maximal IV relative bias     8.78
                                         20% maximal IV relative bias     5.91
                                         30% maximal IV relative bias     4.79
                                         10% maximal IV size             19.45
                                         15% maximal IV size             11.22
                                         20% maximal IV size              8.38
                                         25% maximal IV size              6.89
Source: Stock-Yogo (2005).  Reproduced by permission.