Rosenbaum (2002) bounds and hidden bias equivalents

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Rosenbaum (2002) bounds and hidden bias equivalents

Satyen Dubey
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Dear Statalisters,

I am using Psmatch2 (user written programme) to match my treated firms with control firms. after this I calculate Rosenbaum (2002) bounds using rbounds(user written programme) to find the hidden bias. my outcome variable is continuous.

After doing this i want to calculate Hidden Bias Equivalent for different outcome variables that i have. Could any one please guide me in calculating Hidden Bias Equivalent. i want to do what DiPrete and Gangl (2004) did in their paper. "Assessing Bias in the Estimation of Causal Effects: Rosenbaum Bounds on Matching Estimators and Instrumental Variables Estimation with Imperfect Instruments"


Satyen Dubey
Thanks & Regards,

Satyen Dubey