Problems with producing an acceptable Forest plot

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Problems with producing an acceptable Forest plot

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Hey there,

I'm urgently in need of help. After days of search and talkms with so called experts I'm still as smart as before.:-(

I'm doing a meta-analysis with the meta-command like this:

"meta  var1  se_var1, graph (r) id(region) cline xline (0.06,0.075) fmult(3) b2title (Prevalences) xlab (0.050, 0.055, 0.060, 0.066,0.07,0.075,0.08,0.085,0.09,0.095)"

But the produced forest plot is not acceptable. The graph editor does not work for this kind of plot. And nobody knew why this is like this. Can you help me with that?

And the biggrest problem for me is now that the regions are anumber of about 100. That means, that 100 regions on the x-axis is completely impossible to show my professors, it does not fit on one A4-page, so besides some graphic optimizations I of course need to cut the plot, make two or more parts of it. Can anyone please help me?

Thank you very much in advance.