Panel Data and Dummy Variable to measure recovery

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Panel Data and Dummy Variable to measure recovery

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I am trying to measure the speed of recovery for the recent financial crisis. I am trying to run this equation on stata. 〖Growth〗_(i,t)= α_i+〖β_trough Trough〗_(i,t-1)+β_f f_t+β_z (〖Trough〗_(i,t-1)*Z_(i,j) )+β_x  X_(i,j)+ε_(i,t)

I have been reshaping my growth and trough (dummny) variables from wide to long. The growth data is from 2008 to 2011. As for the trough variable, it is from 2007 to 2010.

. reshape long growth trough, i(name) j(year)
(note: j = 2007 2008 2009 2010)
(note: growth2007 not found)

Data                               wide   ->   long
Number of obs.                      100   ->     400
Number of variables                  33   ->      29
j variable (4 values)                     ->   year
xij variables:
   growth2007 growth2008 ... growth2010   ->   growth
   trough2007 trough2008 ... trough2010   ->   trough

After the transformation, I ran the above regression using pooled OLS. I was just wondering, if stata ran the regression as〖Growth〗_(i,2007)= α_i+〖β_trough Trough〗_(i,2007)+β_f f_t+β_z (〖Trough〗_(i,2007)*Z_(i,j) )+β_x  X_(i,j)+ε_(i,2007)?

If it is, then what should I do in order to run the regression the way it is stated in the equation above?

Thank you.