Observed cases in istdize output

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Observed cases in istdize output

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I have to produce age sex standardisation for my data. My command is as follows:
istdize cases pop age sex using "C:\Users\Reem\Desktop\standard
population.dta",  by(area) popvars(total_cases total_pop) print

cases --> The number of cases in each age & sex strata in each area
pop --> The population within that strata in each area
age --> To standardise by age (categorised)
sex --> To standardise by sex (categorised)
Using the file that contains the standard population (representating
age sex specific numbers of cases and population living within the
entire country).
by(area) --> standardisation grouped by area
popvars (total_cases population) --> cases is the number of cases
and population is the total population all from the standard
population file.

My output includes incorrect number of observed cases. It chooses a random number from my dataset, not the sum of all observed cases.

A similar problem was posted back in 2004 with no answer, and a suggestion to solve the problem was posted in 2009 in the following link, but I couldn't quite understand the command:

2009 suggestion

Any help is very much appreciated