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Interaction Effects

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I am relatively new to Stata but I am now required to do interaction effects with my data

My data simplified looks like this

country scode year        INV      NR       INF
Angola   540    1995        -        112      13
Angola   540    1996        -        75        4
...                  2011
Benin     434    1995

INV = investment
NR = natural resource rent as % GDP
INF = inflation

I have 40 countries that have observations from 1995-2011, the INV variable data only starts in 2000. INV represents the amount of new investment in that country at that given year.

My hypothesis is that the NR effect on INF is conditioned by INV, all 3 variables are continuous. My first hurdle is that I need a variable that has observations for INV if year = 2000/2011 regardless of the country.

If anyone could help I would be really grateful!