How to display random effects levels after MI estimate?

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How to display random effects levels after MI estimate?

Michael Chavez Reilly
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Dear Statalisters,

I am running an xtmixed random intercept model with three levels. Normally when I want to look at the random intercept for a specific group, I can display the random effects using the command- predict alpha1 alpha2, reffects. But now I am running the same model on multiply imputed data using mi estimate. The command mi predict using file..., Xb works to get the fixed effects portion, but stata tells me that predicting the reffects after mi is not an option. I'm guessing this has something to do with Rubins rule calculating the random effects. But regardless, I am wondering if there is a way to display the standard deviation for each group within each level. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Michael Chavez Reilly
Doctoral candidate
New York University