Can I use “iw” intead of “pw” in quantiles command?

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Can I use “iw” intead of “pw” in quantiles command?

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Hi Team,

I’m working with Household income and expenditure data. I want to find 5 quantiles of the per capita income.
I’m using sampling weights.  Eg: Following table represent the example for my weights.
Sampling Unit Weight
1     41.42092
2     224.9696
3     211.7713
4     131.9084
5     160.3988
6     475.2353
7     217.6984

First I installed the user written command : ssc install quantiles

Then use following command for my data.

quantiles ym[pw=s_weight], gen(ym_decile) n(5) k(hh_code)

ym – per capita income variable
ym_decile – new categorical variable
hh_code – Identifying code for each household

But stata says “pw” not allowed for this command. But “iw” is allowed. So my question is Can I use “iw” intead of “pw” here?

Thank You.
Jayamini – Institute of Policy Studies, Sri Lanka