Breusch-Pagan test after a fixed-effects panel estimation

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Breusch-Pagan test after a fixed-effects panel estimation

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Dear statalist,

I want to check for heteroscedasticity after performing an fixed effects estimation on my unbalanced panel.

-xttest2- doesn't work for me because I have 2 time observations over 308 individuals.

Is there a command I can use?

It's definitly possible to calculate the test statistic if T<N; I've seen it in other papers* my subject. (yardstick competition between municipalities)

• Revelli, F. (2002a) Local taxes, national politics and spatial interactions in English district election results, European Journal of Political Economy, 18, 281-99.
• Finken, Jan (2009) : ‘Yardstick competition in German municipalities’, FiFo-CPE discussion papers, No. 09-3, <>.(13/01/13).
• Bosch, N., & Sole´-Olle´, A. (2007), Yardstick competition and the political costs of raising taxes: An
empirical analysis of Spanish municipalities. International Tax and Public Finance, 14(1), 71–92.